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We value CBD education, and it’s important that we share accurate information with our readers. As the CBD industry grows, so does the amount of information available online. We’re here to help guide your CBD journey!

Paradise Purities is consistently researching the latest discoveries and trends to remain at the forefront of the CBD industry. We do our best to dispel the misconceptions about CBD that discourage people from exploring the possibilities. Hemp CBD products will not get you high! Even more importantly, the benefits of cannabinoids are tremendous.

Paradise Purities creates and sell CBD products for better wellness. Visit the product pages to learn more about our high-quality ingredients and product benefits:

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hemp harvest | growing hemp for cbd

How the Hemp Harvest Works

One might think that the hemp harvest is the same as any other agricultural product; you plant it, grow it, and harvest it. Due to the tangled legal history of hemp and its many uses, the hemp harvest...

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best cbd uses in Florida

The Best Ways to Use CBD in Paradise

Whether you are taking CBD for the first time or are a long-term user, you have some options. There are three main ways to use CBD—orally, by smoking, or applied to the skin topically. Whether you want...

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cbd legislation in Florida | CBD products in florida

CBD Legislation in Florida

On January 1, 2020, food safety and animal feed rules for the  new state hemp program under the Florida Department of Agriculture and  Consumer Services (FDACS) went into effect. This important milestone...

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