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CBD Legislation in Florida

On January 1, 2020, food safety and animal feed rules for the  new state hemp program under the Florida Department of Agriculture and  Consumer Services (FDACS) went into effect. This important milestone amends the food safety rule to govern CBD products derived from hemp; CBD is a non-euphoric compound. The regulation oversees the permitting and inspection of food establishments, inspection and evaluation of food and dairy products, and specialized laboratory testing on a variety of CBD products sold and/or produced in Florida.

In addition, FDACS will issue food permits for the manufacturing, processing, packing, holding, preparing, or selling of food with CBD consumed by people and pets. Currently, in the Sunshine State, CBD sourced from hemp is legal for any use, CBD sourced from marijuana is legal for medical use, and CBD sourced from marijuana for recreational use is illegal. Other Southeastern states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia, and West Virginia follow the same legal status.

Recent CBD Legislation in Florida

Since Florida’s medical marijuana laws went into effect in early 2017, the market has revolved primarily around CBD, a variant of the cannabis plant whose THC content is negligible (legally capped at three-tenths of one percent). In 2018, Congress passed a law in which hemp, defined as cannabis with less than 0.3 percent of THC, came off the official list of controlled substances and gave states the authority to regulate hemp and related products.

A push for more scrutiny and oversight arose after the recent vape lung controversy, which led to more than 2,500 hospitalizations and the deaths of 54 people across 27 states. The 2020 rules to involve FDACS are anticipated to combat these issues. Under the federal government Hemp Farming Act, states have full authority to conduct their own regulations and markets. Currently, in Florida, a medical card is only necessary to buy CBD oils and flower, however, most other products can be enjoyed by anyone, as the hemp plant is not legally classified as marijuana.

Florida lawmakers during the 2019 legislative session also put FDACS in charge of establishing the regulatory structure for hemp, along with products containing CBD being sold at gas stations, grocery stores, and flea markets. Inspectors are now working across the state to ensure retailers are complying with the new rules. These new procedures address issues such as pesticides, package labeling, and the inspection of products both sold and produced in the state. Retailers must now pay FDACS a fee of $650 to sell products with CBD and will have up to 45 days to comply with the law.

In July 2019, Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation that established an enhanced regulatory regime for hemp goods, and now purveyors of products made from the plant have a better understanding of what is and is not allowed. This is beneficial to customers for health and safety reasons, as well as helpful to companies, as it will now be much harder for wrongdoers to create and sell tainted products. With this new CBD legislation in Florida, public interest and sales can grow earnestly throughout the state. According to the industry advocate group Vote Hemp, 46 states now have legislation allowing hemp production and 34 states already are licensing hemp production. Licensed acreage jumped 554% from 2018 to 2019; 511,442 acres licensed to grow hemp in 2019, from 78,176 acres 2018. Those figures are expected to continue to rise.

Upcoming CBD Legislation

Additional legislation is upcoming for Florida’s hemp program; Senate Bill 1876 was introduced on February 4, 2020, and includes several recommendations by the Department of Agriculture to clarify regulations around the program approved last year. The measure would exempt “safe” seeds, as defined by USDA, and synthetic CBD from the definition of hemp extract. It would also require small retailers selling hemp products to obtain food permits and bandwagons with the proposed smoking and vaping age of 21.

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