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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about what CBD is, how to use it, and the legalities surrounding CBD. Learn more about how to ensure you are purchasing a quality product, ailments that CBD can be used for, and find information about how and where we source our products.

Want to know how Paradise Purities began? Read about William Kent’s journey through debilitating medical diagnoses including PTSD and learn how CBD has helped him recover and find his new life in Paradise.

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    CBD Products in Florida

    While you wait, consider checking out our blog and you might just find the answer you are looking for regarding your CBD remedy. 

    Topicals: CBD topicals, including lotions and creams, offer targeted pain relief of minor aches and pains, chronic pain relief without the side effects noted with traditional medications, and anti-inflammatory benefits for skin. Read more in our blog post, 5 Reasons to Use a CBD Topical.

    Hemp Joints: Did you know that there’s a difference between hemp and marijuana joints? Or that in addition to relieving pain and anxiety, hemp joints can be effective to help you quit smoking? Check out the blog post, Hemp Joints in Florida: What You Need to Know, for more information about this CBD product in Florida.

    Edibles: When it comes to consuming CBD for relief from anxiety, pain and inflammation, and nausea, edibles are preferred by many due to the ease of use and ability to consume on the go. Check out more regarding the CBD edibles we provide and learn why you should consume these CBD products in Florida in our blog post, The Many Benefits of CBD Edibles.

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